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Because there is a Fine Line between winning and the alternative




The order of the PWB Dinosaurs was announced in 1999 in a Fein-Lines column in CircuiTree magazine. The response was immediate with a number of prospective Dino's sending e mail with requests for entry and with ideas on expansion of this idea.

During an interview with Bernie Kessler (the original PWB Dino) in the April 2000 issue of CircuiTree we discussed the concept in more detail. It seems that there are more of us out there than we realized. 

The definition of a PWB Dinosaur is some one that has been in the PWB industry for 25 years or more, and be 50 years old or older, (there are a very few exceptions but you will have to decide for your selves who they are). A true PWB Dino has been involved in the IPC or other internationally recognized PWB industry associations (JPCA, PCIF, Etc.) for many of those years. They should still be involved in the industry and be well known for not only what they accomplished during the early part of their careers but also for what they are doing now. A PWB Dino is still active in the industry. We realize that Dinosaurs are extinct. We will all be extinct at some time but while they were around the original Dinosaurs truly ruled the landscape. Thus the similarity between the original and the modern PWB version. Acceptance into the order of the PWB Dino's is purely subjective with membership granted either by Dan Feinberg and/or Bernie Kessler. You should be known in the industry and have taken part in various industry events (T-MRC, Expo, Nepcon, authored articles Etc.), Upon acceptance the new Dino is awarded the distinctive "Order of the PWB Dinosaur" Pin and is listed here as well as in CircuiTree. Final acceptance requires that we see you at a major industry event to award the pin.

The Order was conceived as a fun thing that would recognize those that had survived at least 25 years in the industry and still continue to come back for more. There are no official duties however there have already been informal dino reunions observed at Expo. In the future there may be more formal PWB Dino activities and even more serious and valuable activities such as mentoring and industry history documentation. For now however, lets have fun with it.

A U.K. branch of the PWB Dinos has now been formed. For information contact Maurice Hubert at mauricehubert@aol.com 

Member list as of 3/4/2004       (in  order of admittance)

Bernie Kessler, Dan Feinberg, Gene Weiner, Jim Hickman, Jerry Siegmund, Don Crays, Walt Custer, Ralph Coxon, Dick Pinto, Pat Mullaney, Pete Gilmore, Kirk Lockett,  Bob  Oliver,  Jack Fisher, Les Moyer,  Ron Daniels, Happy Holden,  Roger      Whitehouse,   Rich Kessler,   David Dibble,  Rob Scott, John Sachs, Bill Miller, Patty Goldman, Dick Carpenter, Hans Friedrichkeit, Marion Graybeal, Jim Schwarz,  Jack Keys,    Kerry Grimes,  Dieter Bergman, Roger Bryan, Jim Feeney, Harvey Grossman, Mike Flatt, John Haman, Maynard Eaves, Andy Williams, Joseph Fjelstad, Mel Lipson, Boyd Coomer, Gary Clark, Charles Cobb, Peter Sarmanian, Dennis Fritz, Bob Fedor, Chris Kalmus, Dick Crowe, Peter Murphy, Larry Velie, Steve Wohlgemuth, Gordon Quinn, Lyn Gonzolaz, Ray Pritchard, Bill Brunton, Howard Hanson, Hiroshi Motojima, Richard Amon, Tada-San, Uehara-San, Arai-San, Hani-San, Bruce (BJ) Smith, Ted Edwards, Rolly Mettler, Bruce Sorensen, Clyde Coombs, Dick Litavis,Roger Mouton, Pete Gilmore, Jim Taylor, Bob Quest, Fredy Hunziker, Desmond Ang, Bill Wachal, Richard Amon, Rex Rozario, Dick Reynolds, Robby Huybrechts, Lionel Fullwood, Wayne Dirkman, Senta Wong, Ron Smith, Tom White, Jerry Murray


If you have an interesting picture of a PWB Dino, present or past, please e mail it to me. I will change and/or add pictures periodically.

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